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English 9th ClassFree download The book English 9th class was published by Punjab textbook board Lahore since March 2012. The authors of this book are Mrs. Shahid Rasul and Mrs.  Sabiha Saleem

Essay on English Language: The global Language
Language is important as it’s one of the most important methods to speak and have interaction with other people round us. It continues us in touch with different people. English language is an instance for the significance of a language due to the fact it’s miles the worldwide language and has grown to be the most vital language to people in many elements of the arena. Its miles maximum broadly utilized in speaking round the arena, additionally it’s far spoken because the first language in many nations. English is gambling a major role in many sections like training, medicinal drug, engineering and commercial enterprise. There are numerous reasons that makes English is the maximum vital language inside the international.
Language is vital as it’s one of the predominant ways to talk and interact with different humans around us. It keeps us in contact with different human beings. English language is an example for the significance of a language because it’s far the worldwide language and has end up the most vital language to people in many components of the sector. It’s far maximum extensively used in communicating around the world, additionally it’s far spoken as the first language in many countries. English is gambling a major position in lots of sections like education, medication, engineering and business. There are numerous reasons that makes English is the most essential language inside the world.
the article lists four motives why English is critical the primary reason is that despite the fact that English isn’t always an reputable language around the sector however it is the maximum common language is used to talk around billion makes use of frequently. the second cause is that learning English may be very crucial and necessary for the commercial enterprise world, researchers’ show that pass-border enterprise verbal exchange is in English and studying it modifications our lives. Moving to the 0.33 point English is mostly used in publishing books, making films, track and a whole lot of enjoyable matters. The ultimate motive is that 50% of the facts on the internet is available in English through understanding it could be smooth to get right of entry to in any website. On the give up it says that even though getting to know English is tough and take much time, however it is valuable and offers more… Read more


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