Computer Education 6th Download free Book

Computer Education 6th

Download The free book Computer Education 6th class that was published by Punjab textbook board Lahore in January 2012. The authors of this book are Mr. M. Nadeem, Mr. M. Usman Sattar, and Mr. Usman Mushtaq

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Secondary storage
A secondary garage gives extra storage becomes independent from reminiscence. Secondary storage has several advantages. For instance, it’d be unwise for a university registrar to attempt to keep the grades of all of the students in the university in the pc’s memory; if this have been done, the computer could possibly not have room to save anything else. Additionally, memory holds records and applications simplest quickly. Secondary storage is wanted for large volumes of information and also for statistics that must persist after the pc is turned off.

The 2 maximum not unusual secondary garage mediums are magnetic disk and magnetic tape. A magnetic disk may be a diskette or a hard disk. A diskette is typically three-1/2 inches in diameter (in a few rare instances older disks are 5-1/4 inches). A diskette is detachable so that you can take your information with you. Tough disks, proven in figure 5, have greater storage potential than diskettes and also provide quick access to the data they preserve.

Hard disks are often contained in disk packs shown in figure 6 this is constructed into the laptop so your records stays with the laptop. Disk statistics are read by way of disk drives. Personal computer disk drives read diskettes; most non-public computer systems also have tough disk drives. Present-day personal computer systems are beginning to include removable storage media, like Zip disks. those disks are slightly large than a diskette and can be inserted and eliminated like a diskette, however hold a good deal extra statistics than a diskette and are quicker for the CPU to get right of entry to than a diskette. Most cutting-edge computer systems additionally include a CD-ROM power.

A CD is an optical disk, it uses a laser beam to read the disk. CDs are detachable and shop large volumes of data extraordinarily inexpensively. Some CD drives are studied simplest memory (ROM), which means that your laptop can study applications from CD’s, but you cannot shop information to the CD yourself. Recently CD-RW drives and disks have turn out to be extensively available that can help you create your personal CDs via “writing” records such as track and pictures to the CD.

Magnetic Tape
Is just like tape that is played on a tape recorder. Magnetic tape reels are installed on tape drives whilst the statistics on them desire to be studied by using the computer gadget or whilst new data is to be written on the tape. Magnetic tape is commonly used for creating backup copies of big volumes of statistics because tape may be very less expensive compared to disks and CDs.

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