Chemistry 10th Class

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The Ten Commandments of Chemistry
Attention chemistry students! If your Chemistry 10th Class is eating your lunch, you need to read, learn and put into action the “10 Commandments of Chemistry”.

Chemistry 10 Commandments#1 Thou shall remember these two basic ideas. You need to remember two very simple ideas: opposites attract and likes repel nature moves toward the least energy (the easy way) #2 Thou shall know the Periodic Table. You don’t have to memorize the periodic table to use it. But, you should become very familiar with its layout. You should know what the periods and groups (families) mean. You should know how the periodic table is designed to represent quantum mechanics and electron configurations. Take some time and get to know the periodic table.

#3 Thou shall know the polyatomic ions. If you want to be able to name compounds, write formulas and solve chemical equations you need to know and understand polyatomic ions. One of the best methods for learning the polyatomic ions is flashcards.

#4 Thou shall know how to write electron configurations. Even if you don’t learn how to use quantum numbers, you need to learn how to write electron configurations. Understanding electron configurations helps with Lewis dot symbols, valence electrons and chemical bonding. #5 Thou shall know how to draw Lewis dot symbols. 

#8 Thou shall know the quantum numbers. You don’t have to understand how quantum numbers were developed or learn the mathematics behind them. But, you do need to understand energy levels, sub levels and orbitals so you can write electron configurations and Lewis dot symbols. #9 Thou shall know how to write chemical formulas. You need to learn how to write chemical formulas in order to write chemical equations effectively.#10 Thou shall Practice, Practice and Practice.


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