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8th Class Science Book Free Download From Freebooks.pkFree download the book 8th Class Science. This book is by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore and published by Ishrat Publishing House Lahore.

The authors of the book are

  • Prof. Muhammad Nisar
  • Atta Dastgeer
  • Zafar Mehdi Zafar
  • Qaiser Saleem
  • Faiz Hussain
  • Abdul Rauf Zahid
  • Dr. Saman Jamil
  • Muhammad Anwar Sajid

How can we use technology in everyday lifestyles?
quite plenty the whole lot we do in our daily lives includes science underlying it. From the use of a easy calculator, to remaining of the door in addition to the use of bigger washing machines, the entire world is made from science and its numerous improvements have best made it less difficult for us to spend our lives more simply than ever. with out science and its innovations, the society will without a doubt attain the stone a long time and we will not be able to live a complicated life. imagine your existence without electricity, gas, motors and plastic, quite incomplete proper? So here are a few makes use of of technology in our everyday lifestyles.

1. technology made communique feasible
have you ever ever puzzled how distinct our existence may be without the cellular phones, landlines and net offerings that we use these days? GPS structures, telephone, telefax, laptops, and many others. the whole thing is a gift of technology and there’s no way we will consider our lifestyles with out these. these types of inventions of technology has introduced the sector close to us and has made the sharing and switch of facts feasible from one nook of the sector to another.

2. inside the field of medication
We recognize that the advancement in science is the reason why today we’ve observed the treatment for thousands and thousands of diseases and illnesses. coronary heart transplants and numerous such critical clinical techniques are only viable due to science and its innovations. medical doctors can see the interior of our frame with the help of X- ray that’s but every other incredible discovery of technological know-how.

3. source of power
the discovery of atomic energy has made it feasible for us to invent all the advanced types of energy that we use in our ordinary life. strength is likewise a result of this innovation which has given man the strength to show his nights into days and subsequently work for longer hours. The television and radio that provide us with entertainment and rest also are presents of science.

4. each and every device that we use
beginning from a simple calculator to the use of excessive cease home appliances, science is a part of our existence. beginning from the time whilst we awaken using an alarm clock to the time whilst we hit the mattress at night, every and the whole lot we do in workplace and at domestic worried the usage of technological know-how.

7. Wastage of food is also technology
So, you have left a piece of bread and mould formation takes place on it. Or let us talk approximately tinned peas, pineapples, peaches, and many others. This decomposition and protection phenomenon is likewise technological know-how.s likewise technological know-how.

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