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English Grammar Composition

English Grammar Composition 9th 10th

The book English Grammar & Composition is for 9th and 10th class. This book is by Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore and published by Mehmood Book Depot, Lahore.

2nd year English Book 2

English Book 2 for 12th Class Download free Book

English Book 2 is for 12th class. It is compulsory subject for Intermediate 2nd year. In this book you will find Modern Prose and Heroes. These modern prose and heroes are selected by Dr. Muhammad Sadiq.

Sanggat Urdu Guaide 2nd year urdu book

Sanggat Urdu Guaide Book for Urdu Part 2 for 12th Class

The book “Snaggat Urdu” is a key book for “Urdu (Sarmaya-e-Urdu)” for 12th class. Urdu Part 2 is a compulsory subject of Intermediate second year. This book covers both subjective and objective part of course.