Biology Part 2 for 12th Class Download free Book

Biology Part 2 for FSC 12th Class free download in PDFFree download the Book Biology is for Intermediate class 12th. This is a book by Punjab Curriculum and textbook board Lahore and published by Hakayat Publishers Lahore.

The authors of the book are

  • Prof. Dr. A. R. Shakoori
  • Assoc. Prof. Hamid Saeed
  • Assoc. Prof. Nauman Usmani
  • Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Qazi
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Manzoor
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Cheema
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rass Masood Khan
  • Assoc. Prof. A. R. Saeed
  • Asst. Prof. Javed Akhtar Wahla
  • Sub. Specialist Mrs. Syeda Saira Hameed

Bazler’s book Biology Resources in the Electronic Age is pointed essentially at upper-level secondary school understudies, educators, and guardians of those understudies. She centers on giving a broad rundown of respectable locales applicable for this crowd. Bazler additionally addresses fundamental web data, and incorporates locales for finding biology supplies and destinations on vocations and summer programs.

Dussart’s Biosciences on the internet: A Student’s Guide is a more broad work, intended to enable college and secondary school understudies to consolidate natural electronic data into their work and logical reports. Dussart is from University College in England, so some of his data relates particularly to the UK. He recognizes and addresses what he sees as the real difficulties to investigating on the Internet: adapting to data storm, seeking proficiently, regarding copyright, and assessing data. He likewise covers the essentials of Internet utilize, site assessment, email, and how to get ready biology assignments. Nitty gritty cases of hunts and a mixed rundown of biology sites make this a balanced asset.

Both Dussart and Bazler incorporate an area on biology web assets. In the Bazler book it is very broad she has around 500 destinations. The sites constitute nearly the entire book, particularly on the off chance that you think about the reference, vocations, historical centers, and supplies segments. Dussart covers generally a similar number of locales, yet not in so much detail. The two creators orchestrate destinations one after another in order by point. Neither Dussart nor Bazler clarifies how they picked their locales or why they were incorporated into the rundown, nor do they give meanings of every theme. (The glossaries in each book just cover the PC innovation terms.) Hierarchical game plans of subjects in Bazler’s book would have made terms less demanding to discover, particularly as some of her themes are excess (i.e., Evolution, Origin of species) and other fundamental points (i.e., Zoology, Fungi, Botany) are absent.

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