Biology Part 1 for 11th Class Download free Book

Biology Part 1 for 11th Class free download in PDFFree download the Book Biology is for Intermediate class 11th. This is a book by Punjab Curriculum and textbook board Lahore and published by Maktaba Rehmania Lahore. The authors of the book are

  • Prof. Dr. Azizullah
  • Dr. Hamid Saeed
  • Dr. Khan Rass Masood
  • Dr. Javed Iqbal
  • Mr. Javed Iqbal Mughal
  • Prof. Dr. Anjum Sabri
  • Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal
  • Prof. Dr. Shahida Hassnain
  • Mr. Zia-ul-Islam
  • Mr. Amjad Tariq
  • Mr. Shah Nawaz Cheema
  • Mr. A.R. Saeed

When I was a graduate understudy, one of the numerous ways I earned some urgently required money was functioning as an in-house textbook commentator for a few distributing houses. An in-house book analyst’s activity is to peruse and truth check a book, and to find any outstanding duplicate altering mistakes before the book goes to press. In the wake of perusing and widely remarking on various books, I built up some exceptionally solid thoughts in the matter of what is especially successful in a textbook – thoughts that I intend to use in my ornithology textbook. Be that as it may, I generally thought my thoughts were screamingly clear to any individual who composes or peruses a textbook. In any case, clearly, they aren’t so evident on the grounds that I’ve not seen any textbooks that put huge numbers of my plans to utilize.

All things considered, as of not long ago. I have as of late been perusing another biology textbook, This Biology book not just applies various radiant systems for instructing logical ideas, yet it goes above and beyond by including the best parts of web based computerized media; intuitive charts, information tables and other intelligent activities, and video. This isn’t a customary print textbook that has been digitized, it is a genuinely electronic textbook.

To utilize this Textbook, you buy it, however for this situation, you are buying the privilege to sign in and utilize it. There is no entryway stop estimated textbook to drag around or to fill your bookshelves, no DVDs to break, no blaze drives or other insignificant stuff to lose, and no Encourages or other costly gadgets to buy. Be that as it may, similar to a conventional print textbook, this fleeting Textbook is yours. Until the end of time.

This Textbook is intended to be seen utilizing your web program (up until now, I’ve utilized Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Since all you require is a web program, this Textbook can be utilized on any PC stage, and further, it can be utilized by crippled per-users if their web program has just been designed to meet their particular needs. This web program similarity likewise keeps away from the asset venture (passed on to the buyer) related with changing shading balance for pictures – a noteworthy cost for print textbooks, particularly biology writings. Since this Textbook just requires the per user to sign in, it’s available anyplace there’s a Wi-Fi association – school, home, and even out and about, utilizing an iPad, tablet or cell phone.

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