Islamic Studies Elective (Islamiat Ikhtiari) 9th 10th

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Download the free book Islamic Studies Elective (Islamiat Ikhtiari) is for 9th and 10th class. This book is by Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore and Published by Ashraf Brothers Lahore.

Authors of this book are Dr. Kazi Mujibur Rahman Al Zahri, Allama Mirza Yousuf Hussain, Prof. Rasheed Ahmed and Prof. Abdul Hayyi Anwar.

An Ace of Expressions degree is frequently sought after to finish a more elevated amount of concentrated studies in the wake of achieving a four year college education in a picked field. Contingent upon the kind of educational modules, this program can take somewhere in the range of one to three years of study.

What is a Mama in Islamic Studies? This kind of program focuses on getting a profound comprehension of the religion of Islam and using that information to help the necessities of the global religious and social group. An assortment of courses can be educated, incorporating ones with an emphasis on social association, logical research and between confidence exchanges. Open doors for facilitate specialization are accessible to get ready understudies for work in private or open associations.

Understudies that look to acquire a Mama in Islamic Studies will get what it takes to encourage an exchange inside the worldwide group to advance training and address worldwide difficulties. This sort of cutting edge degree regularly offers a more elevated amount of vocation openings from studies in principle, similar religion and social communication.

Expenses of seeking after this program will differ far and wide, depending principally on the area of the organization and also the length and sort of the educational modules offered at the school or college. Regulatory workplaces of the particular schools can answer inquiries regarding cost.

At the point when an individual acquires a Mama in Islamic Studies, open doors for vocations are frequently accessible in an assortment of areas. From positions in instruction, research, government, and private foundations, understudies with this sort of preparing are sought after in numerous parts of the world. Extra open doors for cutting edge positions can be gained through further studies coming full circle in a specialist’s degree also.

Instructive establishments everywhere throughout the globe offer this sort of program, including a few alternatives for remove learning. Scan for your program underneath and contact specifically your preferred affirmation office of the school by filling in the number one spot shape.

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