Pakistan Studies (Mutalia Pakistan) for 12th Class

Pakistan Studies (Mutalia Pakistan) for 12th ClassFree download the Book Pakistan Studies is for class 12th. It is a Compulsory subject for Intermediate second year. This book is published by Punjab textbook board Lahore.

The authors of the book are

  • Muhammad Hussain Chaudhry
  • Dr. Sultan Khan
  • Muhammad Farooq Malik
  • Rai Faiz Ahmad Kharal
  • Khadim Ali Khan

Factors creating THE concept OF A SEPARATE place of origin
The ideology of Pakistan changed into created while Muslims of Indo-Pak Sub Continent evolved a specific attitude of thoughts that they’re distinctive from Hindus. This turned into because of the injustices accomplished to the Muslims with the aid of British and Hindus. Some of those are:

1. Anti-Muslim campaign
The Hindus and British joined palms to smash the faith, notion, costumes, and countrywide significance of Muslims due to the fact Muslims rise become developing plenty of trouble for each.

2. in attractiveness of British Rule
Muslims have been ruling the Sub Continent for a long time. Therefore, they could not face up to any energy over them, when the British got here to rule the Sub Continent, and Muslims have been the simplest state who hostile them. For this reason, so that you can gain electricity, the British needed to overwhelm the Muslim collectivity.

Three. Hindus Betrayed Muslims
In the beginning, Hindus appeared to be on Muslim’s facet, however, in a while their hostility turned into uncovered as they antagonistic numerous steps taken by way of British authorities which only benefited for Muslims.

Four. Refusal of Muslim identity
British wanted to implement a parliamentary device in Sub Continent wherein most people become the strength and authority. Due to the Hindu majority, it turned into in all likelihood that if the British left India undivided, it might fall underneath the Hindus rule. Furthermore, Hindus did now not be given the separate identification of Muslims and consequently, there were no probabilities of freedom even after the British rule.

Five. Battle of 1857
In 1857, Muslims and Hindus attempted to expel the British out of India however failed Later because of Hindu conspiracies, Muslims have been held answerable for it and hence have been beaten further by using British.

6. Sir Syed’s concept
Sir Syed for the primary time positioned down the concept that Muslims are a separate nation. He convinced Muslims to unite themselves if you want to have separate social and political identification.
Significance OF IDEOLOGY IN countrywide existence
Ideology is a motivating force for a state, which is striving difficult to carry stability and homogeneity to its statehood. It offers the binding pressure to the scattered businesses in society and conveys them near each different on a common platform. Ideologies impel their adherence to following a joint linked action for the accomplishment of their aim. Ideologies provide a form to the revolutions and create new cultures and civilizations. They strain on their adherents to insist on the belief in their best through the general transformation of society. A pressing settlement with each difference at the beliefs is the most important pre-requisite of an ideology.

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