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(Sarmaya-e-Urdu) for 11th

Urdu Book Part 1

Urdu Book Part 1 for intermediate first year. Download free book

2nd year English Book 2

2nd Year English Book

2nd year English book 2 is a compulsory subject for intermediate students. the test to learn grammar puts you to sleep, although you have studied for years. You begin to feel relaxed with the language. You might follow the ribbon to watch films and understand discussions, you might carry out their activities and might act…

Good-Bye Mr. Chips

Goodbye Mr Chips for 12th Class

Goodbye Mr. Chips for 12th Class book hang on a very popular novel. Goodbye Mr. Chips Lastly, the Goodbye Mr. Chips script is here. This script is a transcription that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and\/or viewings of Goodbye Mr. You won’t hurt my feelings. Honest. On the honored memory of Jonathan Brookfield. Who…