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English Book 1 for 11th Class (freebooks.pk)Free download the English Book 1 is for 11th class. It is compulsory subject for Intermediate 1st year. In this book you will find short stories. These stories are complied by Bashir Ahmed Chaudhry and Qazi Sajjad Ahmed.

This book is by Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board Lahore and published by Maktaba Ukhuwat, Lahore.
The advantages of reading English Books
“The greater which you study, the more which you’ll realize. The extra which you recognize, the extra locations you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss.

As any English-speaking infant can inform you, there’s no denying Dr. Seuss. if you love to examine, however you’re a touch afraid of analyzing a full-on novel in English, don’t worry. We’re going that will help you get there, little by little. With each e-book you read, the extra you’ll enhance. To get commenced, there are a few fantastic novels written in English that are not too tough to understand. Anyway, it’s properly to set yourself a language challenge from time to time. How else are you going to improve in English?

Reading is worthwhile.
Being able to read a novel in some other language and recognize its miles a huge achievement. You’ll sense finished the moment you read that very last web page, close the e book, and mirror at the experience. You may discover yourself on the closing web page quicker than you notion – after you start studying these books, you won’t be able to put them down.

Reading is an exercising in language mastering.
Analyzing English novels will assist enhance your vocabulary, fashionable know-how and in a few instances it can even come up with more expertise into one-of-a-kind international locations and their cultures. You furthermore may get to move at your own tempo. Whilst taking note of podcasts and radio, you need to maintain up with whoever is speak me. Sure, watching movies to examine English can be loads of fun, however doesn’t it get tiring to should examine subtitles or pause and rewind? While analyzing an e book, you can read as slowly or as quickly as you choice. In case you didn’t recognize something, genuinely take a look at the paragraph once more!

Studying opens the thoughts.
Studying educates. It opens you up to new studies and views. What higher way is there to understand a person’s manner of thinking? You could examine new facts about language, culture, society, and records that you never knew before.

Reading is fun!
It’s far, general, a fun and relaxing way to study English without any strain whatsoever. Human beings get annoyed once they choose books that cross above their analyzing levels. By using selecting your first English books accurately, you must have a very nice revel in.

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Every video comes with interactive captions, so that you can right away get definitions for any unexpected phrases. There also are flashcards and sporting activities that will help you do not forget them. So when you’re taking a spoil from one of the incredible books below, take a look at out the fluent loose trial to maintain gaining knowledge of even as having fun!

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