Pakistan Studies 8th Download free Book

Pakistan Studies 8th

Free download the book Pakistan Studies 8th class that was published by Punjab textbook board Lahore in January 2012. The authors of this book are Qazi Abdul Qadeer, Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Qazi, Dr. Azhar Hameed, and six other respectable mentioned in the book.

Pakistan research: A Journal of Pakistan research
released in 2009, Pakistan studies is a refereed, multidisciplinary, and open access educational journal presenting a forum for scholarly and innovative engagement with various elements of Pakistani history, way of life, literature, and politics.

Pakistan studies publish one continuous volume in line with yr and the completed submissions are added to the cutting-edge quantity as they circulate via our editorial procedure. The extent is closed at the top of the calendar for 12 months. In some cases, when a special problem is planned, we’d publish issues in a calendar year.
notice: till 2012 Pakistan studies were recognized as a class “Y” journal by the higher education fee (HEC), Pakistan. because of the change in HEC policy, Pakistan studies are presently now not included inside the HEC listing of overseas journals.

Pakistan study Centre
Pakistan take a look at Centre changed into established underneath an Act of the parliament exceeded in 1976. The Centre started out functioning in 1983 and on the grounds that then it has advanced right into a prestigious institute of better learning and studies. aside from engaging in courses at Masters, M.Phil, and Ph.D., stages, the Centre has excelled in authentic in-residence and contractual studies that have received wide acclaim both at the national and global ranges.

Its studies magazine Pakistan views are deemed as one of the maximum prestigious journals of social sciences posted in Pakistan. The Centre has also organized several global and national conferences apart from regular in-house seminars and symposia.

The grasp’s program of the Centre is based totally on a multi-disciplinary direction which enables the students to compete within the civil carrier exam and also are seeking vicinity within the teaching career.

The Centre follows the coaching and evaluation guidelines of the University of Karachi and expects its students to observe the disciplinary policies laid down with the aid of the college.

A Masters in Pakistan research is so skilled that he/she may compete for any examination or check held for a put up with a master’s diploma requirement, with utmost self-assurance

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