Discrete Structures US-3 Notes for BSCS (Computer Science)

Notes For Discrete Structures US-3 for BSCSDownload free Notes For Discrete Structures US-3 for BSCS (Computer Science)

Discrete Structures: Study of discrete object

  • Important for mathematical reasoning
  • Important for program design
  • Used for designing electronic circuitry

In these notes you will find Propositional structure, truth tables, Boolean search, Propositional equivalences, predicate, quantifiers, rules of inference, sets theory, functions, functions floor and seiling, algorithms, searching algorithms, congruence, cryptography,

Discrete structure a hard and fast of discrete elements on which sure operations are described. Discrete implies noncontinuous and consequently discrete units encompass finite and countable units but not uncountable units inclusive of the real numbers. The term discrete structure covers most of the ideas of cutting-edge algebra, which include integer arithmetic, monoids, semigroups, companies, graphs, lattices, semirings, earrings, fields, and subsets of these.

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