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Data Structures in C++

Data Structures in C++ Book Download free Book

The book Data Structures in C++ is for computer science students. This book presents the fundamentals of the subject and intends to provide basic concepts involved in manipulating various data structures to students in simple language with the help of small and simple algorithms. The book is suitable for use in self-study, directed study and as a class text.

Database Management System

Database Management System Download free Book

This book provide complete guidance to learn the basic concepts of database management system. This book also includes complete chapters on SQL and MS Access. For exam preparation there are hundreds of short question and multiple choice questions.

Discrete Structures US-6

Discrete Structures US-6 Notes for BSCS (Computer Science)

Download free Notes for Discrete Structures US-6 Notes for BSCS (Computer Science) In these notes you will find karnaugh maps, basic counting, inclusion-exclusion, tree diagram, the pigeonhole principle, permutations, combinations, binomial theorem, graphs, graph terminology, representing graph, discrete probability. These days, information technology has profoundly modified the manner we stay and the manner we suppose. Problems…

Discrete Structures US-3

Discrete Structures US-3 Notes for BSCS (Computer Science)

Download free Notes For Discrete Structures US-3 for BSCS (Computer Science) Discrete Structures: Study of discrete object Important for mathematical reasoning Important for program design Used for designing electronic circuitry In these notes you will find Propositional structure, truth tables, Boolean search, Propositional equivalences, predicate, quantifiers, rules of inference, sets theory, functions, functions floor and seiling,…

Number System & Boolean Algebra SN-2

Number System & Boolean Algebra SN-2 Notes

Download free Notes of Number System & Boolean Algebra SN-2 for BSCS What are the wide variety structures?Range systems are the approach to represent numbers in the laptop system structure, each fee that you are saving or moving into/from laptop memory has a defined number system. Laptop architecture supports following variety systems. Binary range deviceOctal…