Library plays a vital role in the life of a nation. A library is said to be the treasure-house of wisdom, experience, secrets of success and causes of failure and suggestions for improvement in future life. A country having no rich and sound libraries cannot make the required progress.
Our college has a unique library. Its building is a newly constructed. It has two big halls well- furnished. There are a few small cabins for the students to sit in there for reading hanks. The beautiful and costly curtains hanging on the walls add more to the beauty of the library. There is an attached small hall having chairs and tables for the students to sit there to read newspapers and magazines there. There are two small grassy lawns in front of the library. Beautiful plants and sweet-smelling flowers in the lawns make the atmosphere fragrant. The fountains keep the lawns fresh and green.
Our college library is well-pregnant with books on Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Ethics, Poetry, and Fiction and on plays in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Persian. The book-cases with glass fronts are arranged in a beautiful manner.
All the books have been kept in accordance with the catalog that has been arranged alphabetically. All the book-cases have been labeled as books on Medicine, Mathematics, Economics, English Poetry, Novel, Drama, Fiction and Urdu literature etc to make the easy availability of the books.
Library staff consists of a Librarian, a clerk and a peon. The Librarian sits in his small well-decorated and well furnished room attached to the library. He issues the books to the students on presenting a library card. College stall makes use of library as well.
Our college library has two lacs of books. There is a good addition to its collection every year. It provides us a chance to enhance our knowledge in every walk of life.

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