It is said that East or West home is the best. The comforts and facilities which we enjoy at home, we cannot have them anywhere else. However hostel life is also full of charms and pleasures. A hostel is an integral part of a college. The boys belonging to distant areas live in a hostel to complete their college education. The boys are young and of the same age. The students belong to different status, castes, faiths and areas and they are strangers to one-another but they soon develop friendship and brotherhood among themselves. The difference between rich boys and poor boys is no longer seen in the hostel. In a hostel, they are equal. They all live in similar rooms; take their food from the same mess. They sit together in the common room to chat with one another. They play different games together. Sometimes, debates, discussions and dramatic programmers are arranged in the hostel. All these happy activities of the hostel not only keep the students physically fit but also provide them a chance to display their hidden qualities of head and heart. College hostel has also a mess. The students are independent to choose the members of their mess. The members are responsible for the smooth running of the mess. They also elect their monitors and a prefect who shoulder the responsibility of maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the hostel. They see that the hostel rules are observed or not. They penalize those who violate these hostel rules.
There is no doubt that students have their differences but they often themselves solve them. If there is some serious matter among the students, the hostel superintendent interferes and resolves it. However it the students disobey the Superintendent, he expels them from the hostel through the Principal at the college.
The students at hostel have their study hours. Even the weak boys make the best of this time. Besides, they can seek help from the shining students there. Despite all this, the hostel life is not without its ugly features. Some students fall a victim to films and fashions and, thus, they waste their parents’ hard-earned money. They also fail in achieving their goal for which they have joined the college. In short, hostels are a great blessing for those who want to work hard to make their career. The students at hostel should make full use of this opportunity for their bright future.

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