Pakistan Studies 7th Class

Pakistan Studies 7th

Download free book Pakistan Studies 7th class that was published by Punjab textbook board Lahore since 2012. The authors of this book are Mrs. Nighat Naheed and Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi.

Congress reaction at the status quo of Pakistan:
The Hindus and British had now not given up earlier than the exemplary battle of the Muslims of the sub-continent. Congress and Hindus of India did now not accepted the partition and emergence of Pakistan from the hearts they usually looking forward to the opportunity to create problems for the newly born Kingdom of Pakistan.

The ordinary this partition inside the hope that they’ll overtake it soon and re-set up their rule all around the sub-continent .in keeping with Brecher: most of the congress leaders and Nehru amongst them, subscribed to the view that Pakistan turned into not a possible nation politically economically, geographically or militarily and that subsequently the areas which had ceded could be pressured through the pressure of circumstances to go back to the fold.

With those questioning Congress leaders accepted Pakistan as for them, Pakistan turned into a brief segment. However, Quaid-e-Azam declared that Pakistan had come to exist forever and it will by way of the Grace of God exist forever.
The Congress leaders did their utmost to harm Pakistan.

They followed measures with the connivance f the British and particularly by means of the assist of mountain batten create troubles for Pakistan due to the fact they want that Pakistan ought to no longer live on as an impartial and sovereign kingdom. The Indian government adopted each possible way to strangle Pakistan’s economy. due to these conspiracies and mischievous by using the congress leaders Pakistan needed to face fantastic difficulties.

Preference of Capital and establish of government:
The primary problem that Pakistan needed to face became to select a capital to form a government and to establish a secretariat, Karachi become chosen because of the capital of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam took the workplace of the Governor fashionable, Liaqat Ali Khan became appointed as high Minister and a cabinet of experienced men and women become selected. Preparations were to be made to carry the officials who had opted for Pakistan from Delhi to Karachi.

Unfair Boundary Distribution:
A boundary fee changed into set up beneath a British Chairman, Sir Cyril Redcliff. He misused his powers and surpassed over Muslim majority regions like Gurdaspur, Ferozpur, Jullander to India subsequently imparting them a gateway to Kashmir. Quaid-e-Azam called it.

The bloodbath of Muslim Refugees in India:
At the delivery of Pakistan, Hindus and Sikhs became more furious. In a deliberate flow, Muslim houses had been set on hearth and that they had been compelled to go away Bharat for Pakistan with not anything however their lives. Millions of refugees had been killed before they reached Pakistan. Many migrants were looted and had to be supplied boarding at once as they reached Pakistan.

Department of military and economic property:
So that you can embarrass Pakistan financially, India did loads of dishonesty in the topics of Pakistan which were involved with its advantages. Pakistan changed into promised to get Rs.750 million however the Bharat government refused to provide. Pakistan received only 200 million. Pakistan also did no longer get hold of the due share of the military assets. This dishonest attitude placed Pakistan into exquisite problems

Canal Water Dispute:
Most of the rivers flowing in Pakistan have their starting place in India. In 1948, India stopped water supply to Pakistani canals to harm Pakistani agriculture. But on9th September 1960 on settlement known as the “Indus Basin Treaty” became signed between the 2 nations.

Kashmir Dispute:
Kashmir dispute is the most crucial and unsolved hassle. Kashmir is the herbal part of Pakistan because at the time of partition 85% of Kashmir’s total population was Muslim. The Hindu Dogra rule, who turned into secretly with the authorities of India declared Kashmir as a part of India. Pakistan has constantly insisted that Kashmir need to get their proper self-dedication but due to the non-cooperation of India, the Kashmir issue nevertheless continues to be unsolved… Read More

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