Urdu (Sarmaya-e-Urdu) for 12th Class Download Free Book

Urdu (Sarmaya-e-Urdu) for 12th ClassFree download the Book Sarmaya-e-Urdu is for class 12th. It is a Compulsory subject for Intermediate second year. This book is published by Punjab textbook board Lahore.

The authors of the book are Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan, Dr. Abdul Ghani Farooq and Prof. Jafar Baloch.

A Prologue to Urdu Verse by citing Gulzar, an adaptable virtuoso and an extraordinary admirer of Urdu. While recognizing Mir in the foreword of the book for his carefully inquired about work, the writer communicates his affection for his first dialect, as he says:

“Urdu is a country unto itself. Wherever it ventures, it makes its own particular world. It was conceived in India, yet does not have a place with India alone. It is the official dialect of Pakistan, yet does not have a place with Pakistan alone. When it achieved Oslo (Norway) it settled there. It went to Incredible England, and made its own particular home. It achieved Canada and a group rose. It achieved the Unified States… “

In no classification of Urdu is the sweetness of the dialect as conspicuous as in its verse. Raza Mir, a Hyderabadi Indian, now showing administration at William Paterson College, US, has completed a honorable activity in distributing upwards of 150 ballads of 50 writers in the Roman content with English interpretations. Had he been given the task of making an interpretation of the verse into Persian or any sub continental dialect, the activity would not have been so extremely difficult. The sensibilities and the subtleties of Urdu and English are altogether different, however much shockingly, almost no has been lost in interpretation.

Hailing from a Urdu-talking family, Mir was shown English, Hindi and Telegu at school, yet experiencing childhood in a scholarly environment, he understood his failure to peruse and write in what he calls his “putative primary language” an inadequacy which he later carefully overcame. In any case, it was on the request of his significant other Farah, who was new to the content, that he composed the book. Says the spouse, “It was she who laid out the possibility of this book for me in detail, as a volume that would not just help her plunge her toe in the tremendous sea that constituted Urdu verse, yet in addition furnish her with a passage point into the dialect itself, with incidentally threatening similitudes and semantic idiosyncrasies.” The Essence of Words isn’t a book for the individuals who go for cutting edge investigation of the subject which is the reason Mir doesn’t go into details. His per users are relied upon to approach the Web since he frequently says sites identifying with Urdu artists and verse…Reed More

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