Physics Part 2 for FSC & ICS 2nd Year

Cover for Physics Part 2 for FSC & ICS 2nd year.The Book Physics Part 2 is for Intermediate FSC & ICS 2nd year. This is a book by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore and published by Seith Adam Jee Abdullah, Lahore, download free book here.

The authors of the book are

  • Prof. Dr. Mrs. Fouzia Saleemi
  • Prof. Dr. M. Zakria Butt
  • Prof. Muhammad Ali Shahid
  • Prof. Sh. Aftab Ahmed (Rtd.)
  • Prof. Naseeer Ahmad Qureshi (Rtd.)
  • Prof. S. M. Akhtar (Rtd)
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafiq
  • Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Sahi (Rtd.)
  • Prof. Muhammad Nawaz Khan

We’re living within the century of science and technology and advent of science in our each day has transformed our lives. When people had no idea approximately science, even then their lives were ruled by way of standards of different branches of science. while we mild a hearth, it is a chemical system; whilst we eat and digest meals, it’s miles organic technique; when we walk on Erath, it’s miles governed by way of legal guidelines of physics; when an Earthquake occurs, it’s a seismic pastime; while we speak approximately exclusive terrains and gem stones of Earth surface, it is associated with Geology. There may be no unmarried hobby of our lives, which outline our one or other field of technology. In addition, physics governs our ordinary lives and is worried in some of activities we carry out and matters we use in our day by day existence. Here we will talk how physics is gambling its component in strolling our regular responsibilities and assists us to do our errands, chores and obligations easily and correctly.
Body frame
Physics is taken into consideration herbal science because it offers with the things as rely, force, electricity and movement. As these all are associated with task related to ordinary existence, so, we can say that physics research how the universe works, how Earth moves across the solar, how lightening moves, how our fridge works and plenty of greater. In short, physics define how the whole lot works round us. When can’t separate something from science and, our world cannot disconnect itself from the wonders of Physics? Whilst we look around us, we are able to see a range of of factors that work on the concepts of Physics. We can explain our numerous sports by using utilizing the know-how of Physics. Here, we will discuss some of the example, if you want to help us to learn the way physics is gambling its component in our lives every day.
Taking walks
A number of ideas of physics are involved in simple act of walking. It involves standards of weight, Newton’s three laws of inertia, friction, gravitational law and ability and kinetic energy. When we stroll, we virtually act like an inverted pendulum. When we positioned the foot on floor, it turns into our axis and our mass is targeted in our stomach, describing the form of an arc. while we set foot on floor, we surely put weight i.e. w=mg and apply backward pressure on ground, because the reaction to our weight, floor responds through an opposing force that’s vertical in nature, on leg which slows us down and this slowing process keeps unless our leg comes nearest to our tummy. Whilst leg is moving, kinetic strength is at maximum and capacity power is zero, but, while leg reaches nearest to belly or arc, potential power reaches to its most. When every other step is taken, the saved ability strength is converted to kinetic power and this process continues. We act as a less than excellent pendulum, due to the fact all ability energy isn’t converted into kinetic energy. Handiest sixty five percentage of electricity is provided via saved capability strength to take next step, last 35 percentage is provided via bio chemical strategies.
While we walk we virtually do some paintings in bodily terms, as W=F*S, whilst we exert some pressure and as a result of it we cover far we virtually do work. All through taking walks, Newton’s three legal guidelines of motion are implemented. First regulation of motion states that, a frame remains in nation of relaxation except a pressure is applied on it. When we’re at rest, inertia is at maximum. Body needs biggest amount of pressure to get out of nation of inertia, i.e. whilst we start on foot. While we communicate first step the energy is transferred from foot to higher frame parts and we begin moving, in the course of the process of on foot inertia continues on changing increases while we set foot on ground and reduces when we circulate the foot up. second law of movement states that a=F/m i.e. acceleration is immediately proportional to the pressure we use or exert while taking walks, consequently, whilst we are able to follow greater pressure, our acceleration will increase. 1/3 law of motion is set movement and reaction, when we set foot on floor we exert force on it and as a result to it floor exerts reactionary vertical force on body.

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