College Mathematics Key for Mathematics FSC & ICS Part 1

College Mathematics Key for Mathematics FSC & ICS Part 1College Mathematics is a Key book for Mathematics 11th class for FSC & ICS Part 1. In this book you will find solved exercises, important definitions, formulas in the beginning of every exercise. Download free Book here.

This book is published by Pearl Educational Publishers and the author of this book is Prof. Farukh Mahmood.

Mathematics is defined because the observe of quantities and members of the family with the assist of numbers and logos. So, mathematics and engineering work collectively as they may be right hand to every other due to the fact engineering uses mathematical operations in calculation of their tasks. Mathematics is very famous in modern industry. So, arithmetic is located in each quarter of the task marketplace as in engineering studies, telecommunications, computer offerings and software, strength systems, computer manufacturers, aerospace and automotive, chemical substances and prescription drugs, and government laboratories, amongst others.

Special styles of mathematics

  1. Geometry
  2. Trigonometry
  3. Calculus I and II
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Differential Equations
  6. Data.

1) Geometry: Geometry (geo = earth, metric = degree) is part of arithmetic deals with the size, form, relative role of figures and also consists of fixing of space. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences we use until now.


Engineering is the word that doesn’t have right definition. Absolutely everyone thinks with exclusive point of view so create extraordinary definition but maximum generally used definition of engineering is, this is the realistic software of technological know-how to commerce or enterprise. As we realize that the work of scientist is to know, the engineer to do i.e. the engineer brings the knowledge from technology to solve the troubles. Engineering also give account of expenses, safety, performance and limitations of the given assets.

Computer science engineering:

All computer programs do some form of counting as a small part of a challenge. Counting 100 gadgets does no longer take a long term, even without a computer however some computer systems may ought to rely a billion objects or greater. If the counting isn’t finished correctly, it may take days for an application to complete a document which might also take little while to check? As an example, when we want to find prevailing lottery ticket numbers of all lottery tickets. There are various strategies, and gear, and so on. Normally used in software.

Chemical engineering:

arithmetic may be very useful in making ready various additives of compounds, as compounds are made of various chemical substances so addition of chemical compounds are nicely measured and the quantity to be placed are calculated by using one of a kind mathematics bureaucracy

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