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homeopathic book in urdu Select Your Remedy

Select Your Remedy Dr. Das Bishambar (Urdu)

Download the free homeopathic book select Your remedy written by Dr. Das Bishambar and translated in to Urdu with the aid of Habib Ullah Sadiqi… free download this book here, What’s Homeopathy Homeopathy is a gadget of herbal fitness care that has been in global use for over two hundred years. Homeopathy treats all of…

Basics of Accounting & Information Processing

Basics of Accounting & Information Processing

Free download the book Basics of Accounting & Information Processing and get Your goals for this “welcoming” bankruptcy are to learn about: The character of economic and managerial accounting records. The accounting profession and accounting careers. The essential accounting equation: assets = Liabilities + proprietors’ equity. How transactions impact the essential accounting equation. The four middle financial…

Analytics for Managerial Decision Making

Analytics for Managerial Decision Making Book free Download

Free Download The Book  Analytics for Managerial Decision Making,Cost Characteristics and Decision-Making RamificationsSunk Costs VS. Relevant CostsA Basic Illustration of Relevant Cost/Benefit AnalysisComplicating FactorsBusiness Decision LogicOutsourcingOutsourcing IllustrationCapacity Considerations in OutsourcingIllustration of Capacity ConsiderationsQualitative Issues in OutsourcingSpecial OrdersCapacity Constraints and the Impact on Special Order PricingDiscontinuing a Product, Department, or ProjectThe 80/20 ConceptCapital Expenditure DecisionsManagement StewardshipLogic Justification…

An Introduction to Accounting Theory

An Introduction to Accounting Theory Book Free Download

Free Download the Book An Introduction to Accounting Theory, LEARNING OUTCOMESAfter completing this book, the reader will be able to explain why accounts are the way they are, to evaluate the competing theories of why accounting is the way it is, to understand the main alternative accounting treatments of items whose valuation is controversial, to appreciate…

The Accounting Cycle

The Accounting Cycle Book Free Download

Free Download The Accounting Cycle Book in PDF. Accounting Information You likely have a general concept of what accountants do. They capture information about the transactions and events of a business, and summarize that activity in reports that are used by persons interested in the entity. But, you likely do not realize the complexity of…

Accounting Cycle (Exercises I)

Accounting Cycle (Exercises I) Download free Book

Download Free Book Accounting Cycle (Exercises I) by Larry M. Walther & Christopher J. Skousen Problem 2TOP Corporation was formed at the beginning of 20X2, and presents the following incomplete financial statements for three years. TOP has requested your help in completing the missing values for each year. Hint: Begin by solving the unknowns in the…

Accounting Cycle (Exercises III)

Accounting Cycle (Exercises III) Book Free Download

Download Free Book Accounting Cycle Exercises III by Larry M. Walther and Christopher J. Skousen Problem 1 Following are 3 separate transactions that pertain to prepaid gadgets. Examine every object and put together the journal entries that might be needed for the initial recording and next cease-of-20X3 adjusting entry. Count on the agency makes use…

Accounting Cycle (Exercises IV)

Accounting Cycle (Exercises IV) Free Download Book

Free download the book Accounting Cycle Exercises IV by Larry M. Walther and Christopher J. Skousen Problem 1 Alberto Condor has an eye fixed for satisfactory. He recently fashioned an art gallery wherein he permits artists to display their paintings on the market. Clients purchase the artwork thru the gallery, however payments are definitely made…

Mass Communication M. IMTIAZ SHAHID

Mass Communication M. IMTIAZ SHAHID Download free book

Free Download the Book Mass Communication byMUHAMMAD IMTIAZ SHAHIDI am feeling proud that this new edition is being published by the prestigious publishing house “Advanced Publishers”.This edition contains more extensive changes than the preceding ones in the two respects in which the preceding ones have introduced changes: bringing the book up to date and refining concepts;…

Mass Communications by Wilbur Schramm Download

Mass Communications by Wilbur Schramm Download Free Book

Download the free book Mass Communications byWilbur SchrammThe BOOK has been prepared at the request of many students, teachers, and research men who have urged the Institute of Communications Research to supplement its first book, Communication in Modem’ Society, with a volume that would be broader in scope and usefulness. Communications in Modern Society was a…

Competitive Journalism by Abid Tehami

Competitive Journalism by Abid Tehami Book Free Download

Free Download the book Competitive Journalism byAbid TehamiMass communication now has become the most important International of subject.Not only because the readers and the audiences of the world, read newspapers, watch T.V and listen to radio programs, produced by all countries.But because it is this subject with its rich technical potentialities and its abundant creative invention…

Everyday Science Book

Every Day Science Book free Download

Free download the book Every Day Science For Competitive Examination By Dr. M. Akram Kashmiri INTRODUCTION The word ‘Science ‘is derived from the Latin (Roman) word ‘Scientist’ which means knowledge. Science deals with the understanding of natural phenomena and the relations between them and its and is the rational interpretation of facts of existence as…